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Brett Climo as dr. David Ratcliffe in The Flying Doctors.              David Ratcliffe (Brett Climo) and Magdalena Heller (Melita Jurisic) in The Flying Doctors.              Melita Jurisic as dr. Magda Heller in The Flying Doctors.

David Ratcliffe                            Magda David                            Magda Heller



Lenore Smith as sr. Kate Wellings in The Flying Doctors.Robert Grubb as dr. Geoff Standish in The Flying Doctors.                           Liz Burch as dr. Chris Randall in The Flying Doctors.

Geoff & Kate Standish                                                                     Chris Randall



George Kapiniaris as DJ in The Flying Doctors.                            Peter OŽBrien as Sam Patterson in The Flying Doctors.Rebecca Gibney as Emma Plimpton in The Flying Doctors.

DJ                                                                     Sam & Emma Patterson



The team of the Flying Doctors. (Tammy MacIntosh as Annie Rogers, Lenore Smith as Kate Standish, Melita Jurisic as Magda Heller, Christopher Stollery as Johnno Johnson, Brett Climo as David Ratcliffe, Beverley Dunn as Clare Bryant, and Robert Grubb as Geoffrey Standish)        Tammy MacIntosh as sr. Annie Rogers in The Flying Doctors        Andrew McFarlane as dr. Tom Callaghan in The Flying Doctors.        Maurie Fields as Vic Buckley and Val Jellay as Nancy Buckley in The Flying Doctors.

Others at the base                     Annie Rogers  NEW                    Tom Callaghan                   Vic & Nancy  NEW



Louise Siversen as Debbie OŽBrien in The Flying Doctors. Justin Gaffney as Gerry OŽNeill in The Flying Doctors. Christopher Stollery as Johnno Johnson in The Flying Doctors.

Debbie & Gerry & Johnno



The other inhabitants of Coopers Crossing





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