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1. Freeze

When Stevie is present at an attempted store-robbery, he decides to witness against the robber. But the robber is a psychiatric patient, who soon escapes and starts terrorizing Stevie.

Andrew Bednarski as Stevie Katts in Katts and Dog / Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop. Together with Rinty/Rudy.


2. Hot Under the Collar

Rinty goes undercover with a listening device in his collar and pretends to find a new home with the young son of a dangerous drugdealer.


3. A Family Affair

Stevie´s grandparents aren´t so sure that Hank is able to take proper care of their grandson, and they want Stevie to come and live with them instead. In the meantime, Hank is using himself as bait for two notorious cop-molestors.


4. Twelve Cops and a Baby

Chaos at K-9: a robbery that wasn´t a robbery (or was it?), Stevie all excited about a valuable package he found in the street, a distressed bride looking for her groome, the mayor coming to visit, and on top of that Hank coming in with an abandoned baby...


Denise Virieux as Renée Daumier in Katts and Dog / Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop.5. Decoy

K-9 is the logical choice to capture a maniac who molests women walking their dog. But when the first attempt ends in disaster for their colleague, there is only one person left for the job: Renée Daumier, the lackadaisical new recruit from Paris.

(intro-episode for Renée)


6. The Gun

Stevie accidentally overhears that the gun used in a robbery that day was the same gun that was used to kill his Dad. He is determined to finally avenge his father´s death, and "borrows" Hank´s gun to accomplish his quest.


7. Lost and Found

Hank accidentally killed a young guy in a gunfight. But after he called in to report, it appears the guy´s gun is missing, and Hank turns into the accused – unless he can find that gun, and find it fast.


8. Double Exposure

Hank invites a beautiful lady – victim of an attempted robbery – to the barbecue on Saturday night with his friends from K-9. The next day finds the lady in prison for having robbed a jewelry store the evening before. But surely she has a perfect alibi: she was with Hank, Renée, Lou and Stevie at the time, wasn´t she?


9. A Killer Among Us

A young boy from the street gets his hands on an incriminating audiocassette. Hank takes him home for protection, but the owner of the tape is not one to give up so easily...


Hank Katts (Jesse Collins) and Renée Daumier (Denise Virieux) in Katts and Dog / Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop. 10. Officer Down

Hank, Lou and Rinty run into an ambush, and Rinty gets seriously hurt. Lou tries to help the daughter of a killed criminal – a beautiful songstress – and walks right into the next ambush.


11. Jail Bait

Renée is caught red-handed for the trafficking of cocaine and goes to jail. Lou and Stevie do what they can to prove that it´s all a mistake, but Hank is strangely cool about their friend and colleague having turned her coat...


12. Mistaken Identity

Hank is mistaken for someone else and is kidnapped on his way to a fishing trip. Will Stevie, Lou and Renée find him in time once they´ve realized he´s gone missing?


13. Don´t Drink the Water

Stevie and his friend witness the dumping of toxic acid in the river. According to their description, the barrels belonged to the Kirk Waste Company, of which the senior president is the town´s major fighter for the environment.


Rudy / Rin Tin Tin in Katts and Dog / Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop.14. The Chameleon

Hank accidentally bumps into a dangerous terrorist with a trunk full of ready-to-use explosives. The guy gets away, but will K-9 be able to track down in time where he was headed with those explosives?


15. Day of Jeopardy

Hank and Rinty have to escort a spy through dangers that resemble a war. And it would be a lot easier if the spy wasn´t determined to get away on her own...


16. A Ride into Danger

Renée is kidnapped on a bicycle-tour to discourage her father from witnessing in an important trial. When Hank goes after her to find out what happened, he only ends up joining her in her precarious situation. So now it´s up to Stevie and Rinty to save the two!


17. Diplomatic Immunity

Paris. When Renée´s father is shot, Hank and Rinty follow the culprits – until they take refuge in an embassy.


Jesse Collins as Hank Katts in Katts and Dog / Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop. Together with Rinty/Rudy. 18. The Grand Hotel Caper

The luxurious Grand Hotel has had a few unfortunate jewelry robberies from the rooms lately. Hank, Lou and Renée are asked to infiltrate, and Renée will serve as an irresistable victim for the robbers.


19. Scent of Evil

Paris. The perfume industry is shocked by the robbery of the top secret list of ingredients for the latest perfume. And nothing but Rinty´s excellent sense of smell can solve the mystery.


20. Lost Dog

Paris. Hank and Rinty are witnesses to a store-robbery. Rinty sets out after the robber, but Hank can´t keep up with him and loses sight of him. When Stevie hears that Rinty is lost, he sets out on his own to find him in the huge city of Paris.


Hank Katts (Jesse Collins),Renée Daumier (Denise Virieux) and Ron Nakemura (Denis Akiyama) in Katts and Dog / Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop. 21. Desperate Sunday

Sgt. Callahan and Renée are taken hostage by a couple of criminals who want to reclaim a few incriminating articles from the storage room at K-9. It´s Hank´s job to convince the criminals to at least let his colleagues go free – and preferably unharmed.


22. Fatal Obsession

Things get dangerous at the filmset, when the guy organizing the technical parts of the stunts has a hidden agenda. But who exactly is the victim he is after?




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