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Andrew Bednarski as Stevie Katts in Katts and Dog / Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop.1. Boy Who Cried Wolf

Steve has been lying a lot since he won a prize with one of his photos, and that´s why no one believes him when he comes running into K-9 all upset because he saw a guy strangle a woman in the bushes. But the strangler saw him, too...


2. Hit and Run

"Drop dead!" is what Steve yelled in the heat of a fight with Hank. And only moments later Hank is hit by a car, and remains lying for dead in the street as the car, driven by a student-driver, races on...


3. Attacked

The attacked ladies all give the exact same description of the boat where they were attacked. Yet there are no signs of them ever having been on that boat; not even fingerprints. New recruit Leah McCray defies Sgt. Phillips´s orders and sets herself up as decoy to unravel the mystery. But she soon discovers this might be too much to take on all by yourself...

Note: this is an episode without Steve!


Jesse Collins as Hank Katts in Katts and Dog / Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop.4. Bang, Bang, You´re Dead

A paintball-event gets terribly dangerous when it appears that one of the participants is not just shooting with paint...


5. Falling Out Among Thieves

Steve and Rinty are present at a bank-robbery while on vacation. Rinty goes after the robbers, but the local police has little faith in the abilities of a metro police dog. So it´s up to Hank to find Rinty – and with Rinty, the thieves.


6. Under Siege

His mates witness him being arrested by Hank – with that all important disc full of data they need. Instead of taking on Hank then and there, they decide to set up fort at K-9 headquarters to await Hank´s return, with all the present K-9 officers as hostages. It´s up to Rinty and his colleagues to save the day!

Phil Jarrett as Sgt. O.C. Phillips in Katts and Dog / Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop.


7. A Friendly Revenge


8. Christmas Spirit


9. Trapped


10. Dead on Arrival


Rin Tin Tin / Rudolf von Holstein III in Katts and Dog.11. Crime of Fashion


12. Reasonable Force


13. Killing Ground


14. Heartstrings


15. Decoy Ducks

Hank is sent to chase two robbers by a witness – but they weren´t the culprits, that so-called witness was! Fortunately, Rinty saw through it all and went after the right guy. Question is now: where is Rinty? Will the fake robbers lead Hank the way?

Note: another ep without Steve!


16. Bounty Hunter

Hank´s capturing of a criminal goes awry when he runs into a bounty hunter going after the same criminal. Still, when the criminal turns against them both, they´re forced to work together – for better or for worse.

Jesse Collins as Hank Katts in Katts and Dog / Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop.Note: yet another ep without Steve!


17. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Hank and Steve accidentally walk into a robbery and end up being taken away as hostages. Steve has a good plan to end it all peacefully – until they run into a former colleague of Hank´s who gives him away as being a cop.


18. Stage Mother

Sgt. Phillips is promoted, and Hank is made acting sergeant until a replacement is found – much to his annoyance. Steve wants to help a young figure-skater who is forced to live her mother´s dream, but he doesn´t quite know how.




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