Papa Bear Awards 2017


How to Vote



Now that the list of nominations is published, each person can cast 3 votes in each category.

But it’s okay to vote for 1 or 2 as well – or for none at all.



How does this voting for 3 work?

An example with non-existent stories:


Hogan's Dog

Carter's Rabbit

Klink's Mouse

Schultz's Cow

Newkirk's Monkey

Kinch's Gopher

LeBeau's Cat

Voter A just loves all these stories, but having to choose three,
he gives 1 vote to Carter's Rabbit, 1 vote to Kinch's Gopher, and 1 vote to Klink's Mouse.

Voter B is very particular that Hogan's Dog is the best story.
So he decides to give Hogan's Dog his vote, and doesn't use his other 2 votes.

Voter C thinks Newkirk's Monkey and Schultz's Cow are by far the best - the rest are definitely of less quality.
So he gives 1 vote to Newkirk's Monkey, and 1 vote to Schultz's Cow, and doesn't use his last vote.


And in the quote category are you allowed as many votes as you want – even if you want to vote for them all!


The easiest way of compiling the list of your votes is by using the template.

Votes are accepted by email:

Or by ffnet PM to Papa Bear Awards.

Make sure you include your real name and – if you have one – your ffnet or AO3 ID.



Alternatively, it is possible to vote in an easy online survey. No Yahoo account necessary anymore!

Please observe that – if you vote in the survey – you cannot vote by email as well, and vice versa.

It´s either one or the other.
The honour system applies!



The voting is open to everyone who enjoys Hogan's Heroes fanfiction.



In the category index of this site you can find links to the different categories.

There is a link to every nominated story on the respective category's site.
Only the quotes and the teasers are published directly on the site,
and no further reading into their stories is necessary.



As with the nominations, you are not required to vote in every category.



Before voting for the best entry in a certain category,
please try and make
every effort to acquaint yourself with all the nominated work in that category,
so that you are able to make a well–considered decision!



And if you don't have the time to do all the categories
it's better to constrict yourself to a few categories and make a well-considered vote there
than to cast a quick vote in every category – that wouldn't be fair to the authors, would it?



In this round, authors are allowed to vote for their own work,
if they indeed consider their own work to be the best in that specific category.
But be honest about it!



Winners will be announced after the votes are tabulated.
A Gold, Silver and Bronze award will be awarded for each category – if applicable.




Final day for casting your votes is:


Friday, April 7th, 2017




So read, enjoy and vote!






Template for voting


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