Beskrivning: engvlag



My Favourite Things

(after Scheherazade)



Putting things in Alphabetical order. André Rieu – listening, watching and singing along. Visit Australia one day. Uncle Albert. Supermarkets Abroad. Airports. Angel's Delight pudding.



Books. Reading Books. Looking at Books. Buying Books. Laughing at Cord the Clown. Watching classical Ballet. Boefje. Riding my Bike with a storm at my Back. Bami Goreng. Going to Concerts. Going Barefoot. Baked potato with chicken salad (a Swedish delicacy). Bologna.



Chocolate. Children's Choirs, listening and watching. And Conducting. Being Challenged, especially intellectually. Going to a Chinese restaurant. Comedies. Baking a Cake. Castles. Turning on the Computer. Turning off the Computer. Cauliflower. Cuddly animals. Visiting other Countries. Cooking. Cheese. Clean up the room - but only if it's a real mess, otherwise it's just boring. Cherry liquor Chocolates. Collage making. Compile my own CD with my favourite songs. Watching the Clouds. Children. Watching Children, talking with Children, playing with Children. Looking at Children's Clothes. Climbing and Clambering. All dishes containing Chicken.



Directing theatrical plays and musicals. Discussions and Debates - fierce but without having it end in a fight. Departure hall at the airport. Dreaming. Daydreaming. Dunes. Daffodils. Making a Decision when I've been Deliberating the pros and cons for a long time. Decorate a Christmas tree. Reading Dictionaries.



Exchanging Emails with people I like. The Efteling fairy-tale park. Eating in Italy. Leafing through English cookbooks. Taking language Exams. The Eleven Towns Skating Tour. Experimenting in the kitchen.



Ferries. Dreaming that I can Fly. Making Friends. Finding old Friends. Wandering around at a Fleemarket. Having a stand at a Fleemarket and making people happy with things I don't need anymore. Fanfiction. Suddenly Finding something I´d been looking for for ages. Forsythia. Flying Doctors. Walking through a Florist´s shop; I love that scent! Frosty air. Falköping.



Gazing at the nightsky. Going shopping for Groceries. Thinking up new Games. Chuckling about Gigio. Garmisch-Partenkirchen in the summer.



Humming a song. Hamelen. Sitting in the Harbour watching the ships. Not being in a Hurry. The smell of Hay. Watching the Hare outside my window. Looking at Houses. Hogan´s Heroes. Helsinki. Helsingborg. Helping people. Go on a Holiday. And coming Home.



Islands. Designing my own Island. Staying Inside the house when it's hot outside. Getting an Idea. Provide Information. Surfing the Internet. Wandering through an Ikea store. Doing IQ tests. Meeting friends from the Internet in real life. Independence. Ignoring publicity. Ice-cream, especially Italian Ice-cream. Helping friends to Improve their writing. Investigating.



Leave my Jacket at home when the weather is warm.



Can´t think of anything here...



Libraries. Feeling that you Love someone. Lighthouses. Making Lists. Laughing. Learning Languages. Using Languages. Reading about Languages. Inventing a new Language. Reading Loesje posters. Ships at the Locks.



Maps. Macaroni with a lot of cheese. Musicals. Playing and chatting with Marianka and Michaś. Making Meatballs. Being Moved by a book or a Movie. Have enough Money to live without worry. San Marino. Mountains. Moving house.



Starting in a New Notebook. Preparing St. Nicholas Surprise presents. And writing St. Nicholas poems. Collecting Names. Naming my future kids. Visiting New Zealand one day. Put on New clothes for the first time. Newspapers (but 1 a day will do). Not having to do anything for a change.



Observing people. Opperlans (playing with the Dutch language). Operettes. Opening the window. Organizing.



Discovering People. Conversing with People I don't know. With People from other Places: even better. Philosophing about people, time and the world (and other worlds). Listening (and watching) the Piccolo Coro. Making Plans. Pride & Prejudice. Getting a Parcel in the Post. Buying Postcards to send to friends and family. Canned Pineapple. Play Pretend. Pine cones. Wandering through a Pine forest. Reading about Pregnancy and Birth. Photobooks about other Places. Playing the Piano. St. Paulia. Plaiting. Reading a story from the computer Printed on Paper. Pianoro. Papa Bear Awards. Puttylike.



Quoting from books, movies and TV-series. Be Quietly at home.



Reading. And Reading. And Reading of course. Rabbits, in all sorts and sizes. Watching them and playing with them. Create a Rossmann photobook. The scent of Roses. Making up my hair in Regency style when I have the time. Rocks - the Really big ones. Discovering a Rainbow. Relativity with Russell Stannard. Railway stations. Responsibilities. Saying the Right word in the Right place, just for a change.



The Sea: Seeing, hearing, Smelling, Strolling along - just: the Sea! Sailing the seas. Singing in church. Singing in a choir. Singing at Sea. And under the Shower. And with my brother when we do the dishes. I Simply Sing everywhere! Standing on Stage. Smelling Spring. Second-hand bookstores (ordinary ones, too). Just taking a Shower. Star Trek: The Next Generation. South Limburg in Springtime. Storm. Watching the Snow fall. Walking through a Silent Snowy landscape. Searching for Seashells at the Shore. Attending the Saggio. Feeling the Sun on my Skin. Reading Scheherazade. Go to Sleep after a well-spent day. Seeing Swans. Serving as Source of information. Surprising Someone.



Travelling. Travelling by Train (with a Ticket valid for every Train). Reading Tonke Dragt's books. Devising a workable Timetable - the more complicated, the more fun. Going to the Theater. Toy-stores. Terschelling. Thea Beckmans Thule-Trilogy. Telling stories. Feeling that you are being Trusted. Translating a Text written in a language I don´t know. Talking with friends. Thrillers – of the kind where the world will irreversably come to an end, unless the protagonist manages within 24 hours to...



Unlaquered pencils. Utrecht Central Station.



Vanilla tea.



Writing stories. And songs. Writing is simply Wonderful! Feeling Welcome. Making people feel Welcome. Showing people the Way. Wordplay. Waking up when the sun is shining. Likewise and discover the world is covered in snow. Making a Website. Walking, just for fun. Walking in the Wind. Winter. Wooden ballpoints.



Being at Xenia´s and chatting until 3 a.m. Wandering through a Xenos store.



Youth hostels.



Zorro. The book “Zeeën van Tijd”. And “Zomerzotheid”. Temperatures below Zero.




Since I´m always looking for interesting challenges and work opportunities,

I would be happy to consider any serious proposals you have for me.



If you’ve made it this far, you already know quite a bit about who I am.


So here´s a summary of my education, skills and experiences.



- Academic capacities

(Advanced Master´s Degree in human geography + Bachelor´s Degree in education)


- A true polyglot: fluent in several European languages

(English, Dutch, Swedish and Italian, plus advanced level of German)

and happy to learn even more!


- Truly excellent communicative skills.


- A preference for work in the artistic branches

(especially direction/scriptwriting/organizing of theater, musical and choir projects).

Quite some amateur experience in that, mostly with children in the age of 4 through 12.


- Several years of experience in primary education, both in the Netherlands and in Sweden,

including the teaching of recently arrived refugee children

and work as primary class teacher in international schools throughout Europe.


- Enjoys a role as a source of information


- More service minded than profit minded


- Thorough and accurate, without losing the overall picture out of sight


- Thrives in an international environment


- International experience: has lived in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, the U.S., the U.K., Russia and Slovakia.


- Single, with no dependents, so a (temporary) move abroad is no problem at all. Instead: that's fun!



One of my referees:

"You show to your full advantage in a situation there people are just happy that someone is doing anything at all.

Without the Board of Education watching over your shoulder

to see whether you abide by the exact number of hours for reading, writing and arythmatic they've prescribed in the law."




Then feel free to send me an email for a complete CV!

I´m looking forward to hearing from you!




Margreeth van der Veen