Nederlandse versie

Why did the chicken cross the street?



One day, this burning question was asked to the inhabitants of Coopers Crossing.

What would their reaction be upon this question?

It was meant as a game of characterization in the FD-fanfictiongroup:

to let all those people answer according to their own character.

On this page, you can read the results.


(Idea: Tessa. Text: Tessa, Margherita and Cat (?))








Why?! Who wants to know why?! We want to know HOW! Yes! There she goes, ladies and gents! Watch her go! Oh NO! She just tripped! Oh no, there she goes! Faster than Jack chasing a bad guy! Sheīs almost there! Yes! Almost there! Just a little further! Oh no! Sheīs distracted! Oh my...! A car!! Run, chicken! Run! Yeah, sheīs running again! Great! One more meter! Yessss! Sheīs there! The chicken made it! Sheīs crossed the street! Whoohoo!!





A chicken crossing the street? Iīll have to check whether thatīs allowed!







Sigh... Arenīt there more important things to worry about? A chicken, of all things...!





I knew it! Sheīs in love of course, with rooster on the other side of the road!



Hmm... is something going on there?

Iīll have to go and check it out then.









Why not?

Thatīs her business,

not ours.




On her way

to the Gold Coast

of course!






Well, you see... she had to make a choice. Either safely stay on this side, or dare to take the risk of crossing in order to... well, whatever it was she wanted there. Youīve got to admire her for making that decision.







Chicken? I donīt know nothing about no chicken! Really! Havenīt heard of any chicken. *POK* Ehm... *cough cough* yes. Thatīs what it was... I was coughing! *cough cough* *POK*




Poor thing... Doesnīt she know how dangerous that is? Someone should

 take care of her!




I suppose it wouldnīt lead to half as many discussions if it had been a rooster crossing the street.





Because I was there of course.












That chicken did WHAT?! It had better not walk on MY land... or I will go and tell her... No trespassing! Canīt she read?!




No, because you were here!






Chicky! Chicky!






she wanted something different.


I donīt know, thatīs Nanceīs business.

Go ask her. My shout!








Guess she did something wrong

and saw me coming.



Pfft... Crossing!

Try landing

on it!








Because it was the most proper response in a difficult situation like this.




She has every right to do so. Why make such a point about it?





Leave that poor chicken alone! All that gossip... Think about her reputation for a change!




Because her ancestors have a holy place there.







Chickens? Who cares about chickens?! Have you seen that new Honda motor?





And another woman left alone!

Where is that rooster!

You see? Men... you canīt trust them!






Clearly the Boss considered her time hadnīt come yet to go to chickenīs heaven.

A shame really. I love roasted chicken!




A chicken crossing!?

 I wonder what Ma would say.

Hi hi hi...!!




Maybe someone needed help.

I would cross the street for that.










Back in my days everybody crossed the street.

Yeah, whatīs so special about that?








In het Nederlands:

Waarom stak de kip de straat over?


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