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Flying Doctors fanfiction: Leven en Laten Leven. Hoofdpersonen: David Ratcliffe, DJ, Sam en Emma Patterson, Debbie O´Brien, Violet Carnegie, Gerry O´Neill, Nancy Buckley, Geoff en Kate Standish, Chris Randall, Jack Carruthers, Annie Rogers, Luke Mitchell, Nick Cardaci, Vic Buckley en Father Jacko.    Magda´s Diary: Where do I belong? 

The tragic lovestory of Magda and David

(written by Margherita)

Flying Doctors fanfiction: Magda´s Diary, and stories related to that one. Main characters: Magda Heller, David Ratcliffe, Geoff and Kate Standish, Clare Bryant, Johnno Johnson, Annie Rogers, Guy Reid.






Leven & Laten Leven

  Een serie FD-avonturen met de cast van rond 1989

Medische avonturen, asielzoekersproblemen, humor,

en een beetje (onverwachte?) romantiek...

(geschreven door Margherita)



  The happy alternative: Magda´s Quest

What could (and should) have happened instead

(written by Margherita)







  Episode 173˝: Twins

The shocking visitor

has some shocking news to deal with

(written by Anneke)



  Episode 147˝: Locked In

David has to face life as a handicapped

(written by Anneke)

Flying Doctors fanfiction: Locked In. Main characters: David Ratcliffe, Tom Callaghan, Geoff and Kate Standish, Annie Rogers and Nick Cardaci.





 "Forgetting means:

                 still thinking of you"

Stories about Magda´s life after her leaving the RFDS

(written by Margherita)




  Werk in uitvoering:

Emma Patterson and David Ratcliffe (Rebecca Gibney and Brett Climo) in The Flying Doctors.



Een brandende vraag in Coopers Crossing:

  Waarom stak de kip de straat over?

A burning question in Coopers Crossing:

  Why did the chicken cross the street? 

(written by Tessa, Margherita and Cat)

Flying Doctors fanfiction: "A burning question in Coopers Crossing: Why did the chicken cross the street?" Includes nearly the entire cast of the series!

Wat je nóóit zou willen weten

over je FD-helden...

(in de maak bij Anneke & Margherita)









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