Vergessen heißt: halt immer an dich denken...


                         Forgetting means: still thinking of you...



Stories about Magda´s life after her leaving the RFDS



Magda anno 2006: Whatever happened to Magda after she left the Crossing? During the autumn of 2006, the Coopers Crossing Guardian did a series on the whereabouts of the town´s former inhabitants. They had a very hard time tracing Dr. Magda Heller, but the result was worthwhile: a report on love, dedication and hard work in the Ukraine.

Rating: G


Just like...: Magda´s life is once more turned upside down when her young protégée gets killed. The present events and her memories from David´s death unavoidably entangle themselves, and unable as she is in coping with this blow she flees to a place she had sworn never to set foot again: Coopers Crossing. (Still work in progress.)

Rating: PG 13


Melita Jurisic as dr. Magda Heller in The Flying Doctors.The Verb ´To Love´: An epilogue (that can be read separately) to Magda´s Diary. The year is 2025, and a few weeks ago, Dr. Magda Heller has died. Since she had been single all her life, the task falls upon her sister to sort out her things. Together with a somewhat sceptical daughter and a 14-year-old granddaughter who adored her greataunt Magda, she goes to Magda´s cottage. They discover some old pictures, letters and diaries revealing a few decisive aspects of Magda´s life of which they had never been aware.

This story includes a slightly revised version of An Old Letter; the short story that originally initiated the series on Magda´s Diary and the stories related to that one - like this one.

Rating: PG


* The title of this page refers to the song with the same title, written by Frankfurter and Holder.



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