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List of Eligible Teasers





A nonverbal Hogan meets up with a talkative Marya. What could possibly go wrong?

Story: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Author: booey875




After repeated failed Allied attempts to knock out a local ammunition factory,

the heroes decide it's time to expand their operations.

After all, what's a secret rescue, sabotage and intelligence unit without their very own private airfield?

Story: General Kinchmeyer’s Command

Author: Book’em Again




Nursing the latest round of wounds inflicted upon them by the ruthless authors,

the heroes are desperate to redirect the writers' muses towards happier and less painful stories.

So our heroes issue a "safe" challenge in hopes that they will receive a well deserved break and women - lots and lots of women.

Story: The Short Story Speedwriting Challenge: Mission Author Redirection

Author: Papa Bear Awards (Book’em Again)




There are two types of bunnies: regular bunnies, and plot bunnies.

And both can cause quite some havoc when left to follow their own pursuits...

Story: There is No Such Thing as One Rabbit

Author: konarciq




Three days have passed since the barracks two gang issued this year's short story contest,

in the hopes that they'll get a barrage of romantic dates.

To be sure, the boys start writing their own stories for the challenge, taking their fate into their own hands.

Story: Mission Author Redirect Part 2: The Writer's Curse

Author: Sophia Villo




"We're going to pretend this never 'appened.

Nope. Sorry, Guv. I've got no idea where my shirt went. A well? What well?

And if you say one word, LeBeau, about 'golden curls, gleaming in the moonlight,' I will punch you in the nose."

Story: Love and Hypothermia

Author: Thaddeus MacChuzzlewit




When someone is working on your vehicle, you probably shouldn't make many demands.

Especially when there's a war on. Especially when they're the enemy.

And most especially when one is Newkirk.

Story: Never Anger Your Mechanic

Author: willwrite4fics




With the 50th anniversary of D-Day almost at hand,

Hogan reunites with former Chief of the German General Staff Karl von Scheider (from "D-Day at Stalag 13").

An "Act of God" flings their souls (plus a third from the other side of the world) back in time to replay the era.

Story: Replay of War

Author: fayremead






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