The Zecchino of the Forum


Now it´s our turn to vote!



Have you enjoyed watching the 52th Zecchino d´Oro, too? Well, now it´s our turn to decide which of the songs will win our special award: the Zecchino of the Forum! If you would like to give your opinion on the songs, then this is your best opportunity!


The Zecchino of the Forum is a game in which Zecchino´s fans form an unofficial jury to judge the Zecchinosongs of that year. It was conceived at the official Antoniano internet-forum in 2001, in occasion of the 44th Zecchino d´Oro. The forum´s participants were mainly adult fans of Zecchino. At the time, there was no possibility of televoting, like there is today. Still, in one way or another we adults were eager, too, to express our opinion on the songs. And that is how the Zecchino of the Forum came into existence: an international jury, existing of Zecchinofans from all over the world. Apart from a lot of Italians, every year, people from all over Europe, from the United States and from South America participate in the election of the Zecchino of the Forum. Everyone who has heard the songs, either on television, from the CD, or on the Internet, is welcome to participate in the game. So if you, too, would like to state your opinion on this year´s songs, then you are welcome to send in your votes!




The rules of the game:


EVERYONE who likes Zecchino d´Oro and has heard this year´s songs is welcome to participate! Both children and adults, both Italians and people from other countries!


Below you´ll find a list of the songs that participate in the 52th Zecchino d´Oro.


Assign a grade from 6 to 10 to each of the songs. Just like the official jury does during the telecast: a 10 to the songs you like best, and a 6 to the songs you don´t appreciate at all. And of course, you have the 7, the 8 and the 9 at your disposal as well. (No half points!)


Send in your votes to us. There are two possibilities:


- either via e-mail:

- or put them up at the yahoo-mailinglist:


Votes can be entered until Saturday, December 5th, 24.00 (Western European time). If everything goes as it should, we should be able to announce the winning song on Sunday, December 6th!


The songs for this year are:


1. Buonanotte, mezzo mondo

2. Castelli di sabbia

3. Messer Galileo

4. La danza di Rosinka

5. La doccia col cappotto

6. La lumaca Elisabetta

7. La mia età

8. La mia ombra

9. Pigiama party

10. Rokko cavallo brocco

11. Tutti a tavola

12. Voglio chiamarmi Ugo


(Please send in your votes in this order; it spares us some complications!)




The songs that have won the Zecchino of the Forum during the past years are:


42th Zecchino: Mitico angioletto (organized by Davide a few years later)

43th Zecchino: La coccinella sul go-kart (organized by Valentina a few years later)

44th Zecchino: Novembre

45th Zecchino: L´ambasciatore di Paranà

46th Zecchino: La guerra dei mutandoni & Il cielo di Beirut

47th Zecchino: Una stella a Betlemme

48th Zecchino: Lo zio Bè

49th Zecchino: Lo scriverò nel vento

50th Zecchino: Ma che mondo l´acquario

51st Zecchino: Tito e Tato


Would you like to join in the game?


And remember: at Antoniano´s they are really interested in the results of this game!



Hope to hear from you soon!                                       


Xenia and Margherita                




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