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The Papa Bear Awards

Hogan´s Heroes


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The Corporal Chronicles:

(in – more or less – recommended reading order)


The Key to Berchtesgaden

"The only thing London hasn’t asked for is the key to Berchtesgaden," Kinch once said.

But what if they did?

And how many Hitlers do you need to get hold of one key?

Winner of the 2012 Bronze Papa Bear Award for Best Story of 2011

Winner of the 2012 Gold Papa Bear Award for Best Long Comedy

Winner of the 2012 Gold Papa Bear Award for the Most Unique Story


No Silent Night

What do you do when it’s Christmas Eve, you have a mission in town and the emergency tunnel is blocked?

Hogan: "Of course, we go caroling! Start practising, guys; I’ll go talk to Klink!"

But he hadn’t quite counted with major Hochstetter...

Winner of the 2009 Silver Papa Bear Award for Best General Story


The Mystery of the Love-Struck Corporal

By popular request: a sequel to No Silent Night, in which Hogan investigates

The Mystery of the Love-Struck Corporal

who saved their mission on Christmas Eve.

Was it all just an accident brought on by love and general clumsiness?

Or could it be that...?


Chameleon Fever  new!


Big shot Underground leader Oskar Danzig

– the Master of Disguises and Germany’s nr. 1 female impersonator –

does not come into the series until late in the final season.

But are you really sure we haven’t seen him before?


Robin Hood’s Christmas Party

(Taking place in December 1944, with Germany on the verge of the winter of starvation.)

When General Burkhalter plans his copious private Christmas party right in the face of the starving people of Hamelburg,

Hogan decides to step in and take on the role of Robin Hood.

But what is Oskar Danzig up to?

Winner of the 2011 Gold Papa Bear Award for the portrayal of Oskar Danzig as Best Extra Character


The Pied Piper of Hamelburg


Sequel to Act 4 of Eva Seifert’s Theater of War

Klink has got word that Hamelburg will be destroyed tonight in Hitler´s scorched-earth policy.

But how are they to get out with the valley cut off?

Still, not everyone wants to leave, and Carter’s love for animals is complicating things.

Note: the things concerning our favourite corporal have developed so much on their own since I wrote this story,

that I do not consider the events of Theater of War as ‘canon’ for The Corporal Chronicles anymore.

Only the flashback of chapter 4-8 in The Pied Piper of Hamelburg is still considered as such.


Note: to be able to really follow and fully enjoy the stories

The Pied Piper of Hamelburg and The Mystery of the Love-Struck Corporal,

knowledge of (the still incomplete) Chameleon Fever is highly recommended.

No Silent Night, The Key to Berchtesgaden and Robin Hood’s Christmas Party however

can be read and enjoyed without being aware of Oskar Danzig’s true identity.



Helga’s Hero

When a young German girl at long last learns that her childhood hero is an American,

she finds it's not so simple later on in life to keep her loyalties straight.



Pride and Prejudice

When Stalag 13 holds a story writing contest,

both pride and prejudice are bound to get on top of some people.

(Written for the 2011 short story speedwriting challenge.)

Winner of the 2012 Gold Papa Bear Award for Best Story Based on a Challenge



The Little Ones *Do* Bite!  new!

“... but things would get very interesting once Betsy’s 200 babies would start to hatch.”

On that cliffhanger ends one of Dust’s funniest HH stories.

And now finally the sequel!

Warning for arachnophobes:

You don’t want to read this. Really.

(Written for the 2013 short story speedwriting challenge.)



Bottom up! 

How to Remodel Your Bunk Bed in Nine Easy Steps.

Please follow the instructions carefully!

(Written for the 2012 short story speedwriting challenge.)



Murphy’s Law

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong...

It wasn’t until several years after ww2 that Murphy’s infamous law got formulated.

However, like all laws of nature, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t in effect before that.

As Hogan is bound to find out...



The Ghostley Witch

Or how come no one noticed the temporary transformation of Frau Linkmeyer.

Winner of the 2009 Silver Papa Bear Award for Best Long Comedy



One More Try

Strange things may happen when you watch the episode "To the Gestapo with Love"

just before you go to bed...



Our Own Little Mary Sue Project:

Sweet Revenge


Sequel to Snooky’s Fanfic Court – The Trial.

Fed up with the authors’ ongoing abuse inspite of the trial, the boys of barracks 2 decide to take revenge on their own.

Problem is, that there’s no way for them to touch authors living in a different era and universe.

Or... is there?



Hogan´s Heroes Songbook

A Concept Unknown

A Mission That Could Not Be Done 

Back Home to Mama – 2010 Bronze Papa Bear Award

Do You Know What I Know? 

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Hogan’s Heroes March: the Alternative Lyrics – 2009 Gold Papa Bear Award

Is It Really Christmas Time at All? 

Le Chef du Stalag 13

Ode to the Kommandant

Sergeant of the Guard – 2010 Silver Papa Bear Award

Ten Young Ladies (and Newkirk is in Love)

The Barber of Stalag 13 – 2013 Bronze Papa Bear Award

The Explosions Song – 2012 Silver Papa Bear Award

The Guards’ Top Secret Morale Booster

The Little Strudel Boy – 2012 Bronze Papa Bear Award

There’s an Owl in the Chimney – 2013 Silver Papa Bear Award

Underneath the Lamp Post



Coming up one day:


The Turncoats, and Vice Versa

Now if Hochstetter is Professor Cohen, Burkhalter is Nimrod, Langenscheidt is Danzig,

Gruber is with the Underground and Klink is the Stage with Schultz as his aide...

then who is the *real* Nazi in Stalag 13?



The Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher

Is it a bell? Is it a toy? Is it a weapon? No, it’s...!





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