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Hoganīs Heroes Songbook




The Papa Bear Awards


A Concept Unknown   new!

R-E-S-T. Just four little letters.

You don't even need money to get it, and the black market will never make a profit on it.

But for our boys in Stalag 13, it's rationed more severely than women...

To the melody of Rust is een Zeldzame Zaak (youtube link included)



A Mission That Could Not Be Done

Have you ever thought about how dependent the guys are on London's supply drops?

Here is the story of one particular Christmas mission,

that simply could not be done without a certain key ingredient.

To the melody of The Twelve Days of Christmas



Back Home to Mama

Kinch, Garth and Baker were in a creative mood one night,

and decided to poke some fun at their friends and enemies.

To the melody of the negro spiritual I Got Shoes

Winner of the 2010 Bronze Papa Bear Award for the Best Poem or Songfic



Do You Know What I Know?

When it comes to the sabotage in the area, Schultz knows nothing,

Hochstetter knows something,

and Klink knows best!

To the melody of Do You Hear What I Hear?



Dreaming of a Green Christmas   new!

When you’ve been stuck in a perpetual winter for years,

the idea of a white Christmas may have lost its appeal...

To the melody of Dreaming of a White Christmas



Hogan’s Heroes March

The Alternative Lyrics

Winner of the 2009 Gold Papa Bear Award for Best Poem or Songfic



Is It Really Christmas Time at All?

Nothing can be further away from the true Christmas spirit than civilian life in Nazi Germany...

To the melody of Do They Know It’s Christmas?



Le Chef du Stalag 13  new!

Haute cuisine doesn’t always get the reception it deserves...

To the melody of Bovenop de Eiffeltoren (youtube link included)



Ode to the Kommandant  new!

A little flattery goes a long way...

To the melody of Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition



Sergeant of the Guard

A poem of peace, by Hans Schultz

Winner of the 2010 Silver Papa Bear Award for Best Poem or Songfic



Ten Young Ladies

...and Newkirk is in love...

To the melody of Ten Green Bottles 



The Barber of Stalag 13  new!

Kommandant Klink was in a truly jubilant mood this morning.

But it didn't last long when Newkirk came along and offered to help him shave...

A story-song based on Dorus’ Figaro Parodie (youtube link included)

Winner of the 2013 Bronze Papa Bear Award for the Best Poem or Songfic



The Explosions Song

Our demolition expert is always ready when something needs to be blown up.

But even he has his price!

To the melody of I Have a Little Dreidel

Winner of the 2012 Silver Papa Bear Award for the Best Poem or Songfic



The Guards’ Top Secret Morale Booster new!

So who do you think you are kidding, Colonel Hogan?

To the melody of the Dad’s Army themesong 



The Little Strudel Boy

Walking a post on a cold, cold night,

there is only one person to turn to for some much needed relief:

the little Strudel boy!

To the melody of The Little Drummer Boy

Winner of the 2012 Bronze Papa Bear Award for the Best Poem or Songfic



There’s an Owl in the Chimney  new!

Hogan and LeBeau agree: talking Schultz into a corner is always fun.

Warning: beware of earworms!

To the melody of There’s a Hole in the Bucket

Winner of the 2013 Silver Papa Bear Award for the Best Poem or Songfic



Underneath the Lamp Post  new!

The prayer of an unknown camp guard

To the melody of Lili Marlene





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