Zecchino dŽOro 2008



This year, too, the international childrenŽs songfestival Zecchino dŽOro will provide the world with twelve new songs. It will be a little different this year though: eight Italian songs and four songs from all over the world will be presented. But as far as I understand from the official announcements, all the songs will be sung in their complete version on each of the nights! 


The songs competing to win the Zecchino dŽOro this year are:


- Attenti alla musica (Attention: music!): a song describing how music is actually made. With notes and half notes and rests and everything. But the worst part is the chorus: it just keeps coming back and back!

Text and music: G.P. Pendini.

Sung by: Nicole (9).


- Come un aquilone (Macedonia: Like a kite): A girl would love to fly away on the wind, all the way to the rainbow and the stars. Still, she knows thatŽs impossible, so she decides to fly her kite during a storm, giving the kite the opportunity to make that voyage.

Text and music: Kaliopi. Italian text: G.M. Gualandi

Sung by: Anja (9).


- Tito e Tato: Tito and Tato are two martians visiting our planet. They notice the grass isnŽt really green and the sea and the sky arenŽt really blue: their is far too much scrap and smog! So before they leave, they tell us Earthers to take better care of our planet.

Text: V. Sessa Vitali. Music: R. Pareti.

Sung by: Roberta (5) and Dario (5).


- Ti faccio la foto (I take a picture of you): A girl has gotten a photocamera for her birthday, and now she is continually taking pictures of her family. But she has a tendency to take pictures of them in the weirdest situations, so they are soon fed up with her. Still, watching those pictures once theyŽre developed is great fun for everyone.

Text and music: A. Ballabio and L. Rossi.

Sung by: Alessandra (8).


- Il mio mondo (Portugal: My world): In a fairy tale, a child is given the opportunity to create a new world by using clay. It will be a world filled with all the things every man and woman hopes for: peace, love and friendship.

Text and music: A. Jordăo. Italian text: A. Boriani.

Sung by: Bianca (8).


- Il mare sa parlare (The sea can talk): Whenever the waves hit the coast, the sea is telling a story about sailors and pirates. ItŽs one long dance, up and down, up and down, in thousands and thousands of shades between blue and green.

Text: V. Sessa Vitali. Music: C. Castellari and M. Castellari.

Sung by: Shania (9).


- Il tortellino (The tortellino): The song of a boy who is very picky with his food. His mother and all friends and relatives try to make his mouth water with the most delicious recipes from all over the world, but the only thing he will eat are tortellini from Bologna!

Text: T. Di Tullio and A. Visintainer. Music: A. Visintainer.

Sung by: Massimo (8).


- Ika o do gba (Nigeria: ???): If youŽd let children play with geography, nice things might happen. All continents are moved together, like the fingers on your hand, and people from every corner of the earth finally have the opportunity to freely move around and meet all the others.

Text and music: T. Yakubu. Italian text: G. Gotti.

Sung by: Meny (8).


The children singing in the 51st edition of Zecchino dŽOro. - Le piccole cose belle (Those little beautiful things): So many little things around us can give us so much happiness: a beautiful story, an invention from a friend, a sudden snowstorm, a day-off, your favourite food...

Text and music: L. Saccol.

Sung by: Alice (10).


- Skamaleonte (Schameleon): The story of a little animal leading a very serious life as guardian of the forest. But at night he goes dancing, preferably his favourite dance, the "ska"!

Text and music: G. Grottoli and A. Vaschetti.

Sung by: Emanuele (10).


- Io più te fa noi (Romania: I plus you makes we): Everything is more fun when you do it together. Even when one is Italian and the other is Romanian, and they donŽt understand a word the other one says, itŽs always possible to play and have fun together. 

Text and music: Miruna Oprea (13) and I. Petre. Italian text: A. Pellai.

Sung by: Stefan (7).


- Giochi di parole (Wordgames): Just change one letter, and youŽll get a totally different word. And were you aware of the fact that some words can be read backwards?

Text: M. Gardini. Music: C.M. Arosio.

Sung by: Virginia (10).



Zecchino dŽOro will be broadcasted live, November 25th - 29th, 2008, at Raiuno, Eurovision and Worldvision.




And the song winning the 51st Zecchino dŽOro is:




Quindi i nostri auguri allŽautore!


This year, instead of two ZecchinoŽs dŽArgento,

different juries have voted for the songs to win a Zecchino in different colours.

The winners are:


Tito e Tato


Le piccole cose belle




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