Heal the world:


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Five stories the whole world should read             



Ever wondered if there could be a better way for mankind to live together on this planet? Youīre not the only one. Holy books like the Bible and the Koran give us commandments and examples of how to live together to enhance happiness not only to yourself, but also to other people and to your God. Still, no matter how much wisdom these books convey, not everyone is appealed to stories written some several thousand years ago.

Fortunately, the dream of a better world is a well-explored topic even in contemporary literature. This site would like to give you some pointers to five stories about the world we know that - if read and taken to heart by a large number of readers - indeed could mean making a difference. I hope you, too, will find the will and the time to read them. For Iīm sure that we can make a difference - together!


Heal the world: Stories the whole world should read: A Little Princess, by Frances H. Burnett.  Heal the world: Stories the whole world should read: The Forgotten Door, by Alexander Key.   Heal the world; five stories to make this a better place: The Thule Trilogy, by Thea Beckman.    Heal the world: five stories to make it a better place: Theatre of War / A Hoganīs Heroes story by Eva M. Seifert. (In the picture: Werner Klemperer as Kommandant Klink and Bob Crane as Colonel Hogan.)   Heal the world: five stories the whole world should read: The Wave, by Morton Rhue.




The five stories the whole world should read:


1. Love is strong; it only cares of joyful giving

2. Then why do we keep strangling life?

3. In my heart, I feel you are all my brothers

4. A world with no fear

5. We could really get there, if you cared enough for the living



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